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Banco Famsa

Banco Famsa’s operations create a virtuous circle: customers benefit from the accessible savings and financing products offered by a regulated banking institution, while Banco Famsa develops a stable bank deposit base that strengthens credit availability and contributes to the entry of new users into the Mexican financial system.

As a result, Banco Famsa has become one of Mexico’s most important banking institutions, complementing Famsa Mexico with more than 300 bank branches inside its stores. According to figures published by the Mexican National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV) as of year-end 2012, Banco Famsa is among Mexico’s ten largest multiple banking institutions in terms of the balance of its consumer portfolio.

Banco Famsa’s strength, the stable growth of its deposit base and the synergies it shares with the operations of Famsa Mexico place it in an excellent competitive position to leverage the growing demand for financial services from emerging segments of the population.

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