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Paloma Arellano

Relación con Inversionistas

Responsible for distributing all the information related to: repurchasing and issuing of stock; settlements of titles or yield calculations; cases of stock trading recess; and, other general information.

  +52 (81) 8389 3400

Abelardo Garcia Lozano (CFO)

Responsible for distributing the information described in the Article 75 of the General Provisions applicable to mexican securities issuers and other market participants.

  +52 (81) 8389 3405

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Fulfilling the households’ demand for
durable goods, credit and savings

Our business segments

The value proposal of Famsa México lies in a commercial portfolio of products and services aligned to the dynamism and needs of the clients.

For this purpose, Famsa Mexico undertakes constant efforts to acquire an in-depth understanding of its clients' current and future needs.

A proven business model for over four decades.

The strength of Banco Famsa, its stable growth of deposits and the synergies generated alongside with Famsa Mexico, afford it with a solid competitve positioning to take advantage of the growing demand for financial services along the emerging segments of the population.

Additionally to our legacy retail business, we keep boosting the productive credit, becoming an attractive option for the SMEs.

Famsa USA complements the portfolio of Grupo Famsa, primarily serving the Hispanic segment of the US through its network of stores in Texas and Illinois.


SALES* $18,041
EBITDA* $1,889
ASSETS $45,188
Figures in millions of MXP, as of Mar 31, 2018


Investment rationale

  • Attractive outlook
    Mexico offers attractive growth potential: low retail area penetration compared to other countries; increasing demand for durable goods driven by high purchasing power; underserved market with limited access to banking services.
  • Regional penetration and supply chain integration
    High penetration in the Northeast region of Mexico and South USA. Solid supply chain integration (Whirlpool, Mabe, Samsung, Moto Road, LG, etc.).
  • Brand awareness and customer loyalty
    45 years of operation drives high sales/client levels and a positive “word-of-mouth”. Banco Famsa possesses the highest ticket/deposit in its segment.
  • Maximization of retail area and commercial channels
    Through vertical integration, innovation, enhancement of commercial channels and strategic alliances, we seek to constantly increase our sales and customer base.