A strategy focused on creating value for customers

The core strategy of Grupo Famsa is to strengthen its commercial positioning in its legacy retail business in Mexico and the United States through its extensive store network and product portfolio diversification.

We believe that Banco Famsa’s consolidation will allow us to continue on our growth path, thanks to the offering of financial services tailored to our customers’ needs at competitive costs. Therefore, we manage and implement initiatives aimed at improving its operational performance, primarily in credit origination and collection processes.

We envision our permanent staff training program as an instrumental element of the strategy, as it constitutes the backbone of our customer service model. In 2018, following this approach, the Company provided 180,127 training hours to 5,713 associates, covering a wide range of topics, such as sales, logistics and distribution, leadership, management, security, finance, as well as other specific curricular contents for the different positions in the Company.

For the operation in the United States, we focus our initiatives towards increasing the penetration in digital media with English content, mainly oriented to the Hispanic market, seeking to position ourselves with the most competitive prices in the retail sector to satisfy the diverse needs of our clients.