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Paloma Arellano

Relación con Inversionistas

Responsible for distributing all the information related to: repurchasing and issuing of stock; settlements of titles or yield calculations; cases of stock trading recess; and, other general information.

  +52 (81) 8389 3400

Abelardo Garcia Lozano (CFO)

Responsible for distributing the information described in the Article 75 of the General Provisions applicable to mexican securities issuers and other market participants.

  +52 (81) 8389 3405


The core strategy of Grupo Famsa is to strengthen its commercial positioning in its legacy retail business in the USA and Mexico towards greater footprint, wider net of stores, and higher innovation and profitability

We believe that Banco Famsa’s strengthening will allow us to keep our growth path, thanks to the offering of tailor made financial services and competitive costs; therefore we keep initiatives focus to enhance operations, mostly in credit granting and collection.

We envision the ongoing training as an instrumental part of the strategy, because constitutes the backbone of our customer care model. In 2014, we increased in 1.66 times the training time, going from 328,467 hours in 2013 to 875,233 hours in 2014, embracing specific topics for the different areas of the Company.

Last, but not least we strive in the implementation of commercial strategies to foster the demand of durable goods, such as the Mother’s day, Fathers’ day, Buen fin, and Christmas sales. Similarly, we seek to expand commercial alliances with our suppliers to ensure the offering of the most quality products at the most competitive price.