Sustainability as a critical component of Grupo Famsa’s business strategies

In Grupo Famsa, we are fully committed to adopting and promoting policies and initiatives aimed at guaranteeing the conservation of natural resources, fostering personal and professional development of workers, as well as assuring their health and safety, and encouraging social responsibility. These endeavors, focused on contributing to the sustainable development of the communities where we operate, are an integral element of our business strategies.

Support to the community

Year after year, we support various social causes through fundraising campaigns, making use of Banco Famsa’s ATM network. As a permanent effort to support the community, put in place since Grupo Famsa’s inception, we work closely with the Mexican society to provide economic resources to a number of beneficiary institutions, such as Hogar de la Misericordia (assistance to persons with terminal illnesses), the Mexican Red Cross and the Becalos project (a fundraising campaign for educational programs), the latter in cooperation with the Mexican Banking Association (Asociacion de Bancos de Mexico – “ABM”) and Grupo Televisa.

During 2017, we made a special effort to support the victims of the earthquakes that struck Mexico City and other Mexican states. Working hand in hand with the founders of "Aqui estamos Mexico" (Here we are Mexico) and "Fuerza Mexico" (Force Mexico) initiatives, Grupo Famsa donated nearly 500 thousand Mexican pesos, matching community donations.

Likewise, the volunteer work of our associates brought us closer to collaborating with the Pro Niños Foundation, part of the Quiera Foundation, whose mission is to support the integral development of children and teenagers living or facing high risk of living on the streets and / or engaging in child labour.

Risk-Prevention Culture

Regarding the promotion of employee safety, fundamental premise of the business’ sustainability, we have made substantial progress in the implementation of the Institutional Risk Prevention Program during 2017.

The objective of this endeavor, whose two strategic pillars are Safe Facilities and Risk-Prevention Culture, is to promote a strong risk-prevention culture that ensures the safety of personnel and visitors, as well as that of the Company's assets, though continuous training in risk-prevention processes and the development of specific protocols.

At the end of 2017, 551 preventive inspections of branches and offices were carried out to ensure the correct operation of the equipment and facilities mentioned in the evacuation and quick response protocols, as well as the identification of unsafe and risky conditions.

Additionally, the Company established and renewed Risk Committees at 401 workplaces, with the goal of organizing, deploying and executing the preventive actions contained in the policy, and respond immediately and effectively to any contingency, during and afterwards. In the same way, 438 evacuation drills were carried out throughout the year and 401 Internal Support Brigades were trained and incorporated.

Staff Training and Development

The success of our organization lies fundamentally in our people; therefore, we currently focus on strengthening Grupo Famsa’s competitive capabilities by expanding the scope of training programs and offering new options for professional skills development to our associates.

During 2017, we moved forward in promoting an organizational culture that privileges and motivates constant personal and team learning, with the objective of accelerating business strategies and granting each associate the necessary elements to grow within the organization and achieve their personal goals.

In this sense, we continued advancing in the initiative to strengthen the capabilities of our human capital by providing a significant number of internal and external training programs throughout the entire organization. At year-end, 346 thousand man-hours of training were provided to 13,468 associates, including basic introductory training, specially sales, as well as human and customer service topics that complement their professional development in the Company.

With a forward-looking approach, the project to incorporate new technology into the training programs began in 2017, aimed at reaching all work teams in an efficient manner, enhancing digital communication channels and tapping into current technology trends and major advances in Corporate Universities’ models.

Thus, the initiatives executed by Grupo Famsa reaffirm our commitment to continue supporting the development of our associates and customers, while contributing to the welfare of the community and remaining faithful, at all times, to our core values and principles.